Hammer - The Soulless Ones
Clients :
Hammer Films
Other crew :
Sound Designer DAN JEFFRIES
General Manager SAM JULYAN
Production Manager ANDY READER

3rd to 31st October 2017 at Hoxton Hall

Throughout October a maximum of 200 brave souls a night will have the opportunity to witness a spell-binding vampiric ritual. The audience will be drawn from the vaults to the rafters of Hoxton Hall, dipping in and out of this other-world as they dare, before being led inexorably towards the night’s spectacular finale, where they will face the unimaginable.

"For fang fans, there’s a decent amount of arterial spray and the production looks gorgeous. Designer Jane Brodie has completely transformed Hoxton Hall, packing every room with gothic detail. This is an exemplary piece of world-building, evoking the Victorian lavishness of Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Dracula’ and the twilight backrooms of TV series ‘Penny Dreadful’." Tom Wicker Time Out

“The detail in Jane Brodie’s design, from the mossy floor of the graveyard in the basement, to the Swan Lake music box in a box room somewhere on the second floor, is extraordinary. It actually might be worth going to The Soulless Ones just to experience this part of it.” Hugo Nicholson Everything Theatre

"...from the moment you step past the ticket hall and into the theatre itself, the illusion of falling back into the smoky, gas lamp-lit past begins. The balconied main stage room itself, which feels excitingly intimate and closed-in in the requisite dim light, is the first set to greet the audience, while later on a misty graveyard is particularly stunning, as is a large space decked out with some terrifying puppets and a large piano." **** Rebecca Hawkes The Telegraph

"Every single room, corridor and staircase had been designed to keep the atmosphere alive. The set design was phenomenal. A huge space, an entire building, was transformed. It felt like the building was bigger than it probably is while simultaneously each room felt intimate and enclosed. This really helped create the sense that anything could happen and there was no where to run to when it did." **** Francesca Dell The National Student

Set Photos by Tobias Jones